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Welcome to Ship 1701

We are a brand-new Sea Scout Unit in Bellaire, Texas and we invite you to join.

What is Sea Scouting? 

Sea Scouting is the oldest stand-alone component that the Boy Scouts of America offers for young men and women. Along with Cub Scouting for younger boys and Boy Scouting for older boys, Sea Scouting provide a program for religious, fraternal, educational, and other community organizations to use for character, citizenship, and mental and personal fitness training for youth. As part of this training, Sea Scouts are expected to develop personal religious values, learn the principles of American heritage and government, and acquire skills that will prepare them to become successful adults.

Who can join?  
Sea Scouting is open to young men and women between 13 and 20 yrs old.  No expertise in sailing or water sports is required! The only requirement is the willing to have fun and join in on an exciting adventure.

How to join? If you meet our age requirements, then all you need to do is show up at a meeting, fill in some forms, pay the annual BSA registration fee, and you're all set. 

Annual registration: $36 (covers BSA registration + unit specific insignia)  Annual dues: $100 (used for events, sailing, etc.)

First and Third Sundays, 1 - 2:30 PM at
Bellaire United Methodist Church,  
4417 Bellaire Blvd, Bellaire, TX 77401
(unless we're out sailing or having a work-day on the boats)

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Note: the Facebook page is for external promotions and advertising for the unit.  Internal communications should be handled via the secured side of the Scoutlander page.  All Facebook content is subject to the BSA's Guide to Safe Scouting. 

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Aims and principles

In addition to the Scout Oath and Law, Sea Scouts also subscribe to the Sea Promise and Sea Scout Mission.

Sea Promise

As a Sea Scout, I promise to do my best
To guard against water accidents;
To know the location and proper use of the lifesaving devices on every boat I board;
To be prepared to render aid to those in need and;
To seek to preserve the motto of the sea, "Women and children first."

Sea Scout Mission

To develop, enhance, and expand the Sea Scouts, BSA program in a manner that emphasizes the purposes and achieves the objectives of the Boy Scouts of America, working to help local councils improve their membership and programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I continue to advance towards Eagle Scout and be in Sea Scouts? 

A: YES!  Boy Scouts ranked 1st Class and above can continue to advance towards the rank of Eagle Scout by earning merit badges, doing service, and demonstrating leadership in the Ship.  

Q: Do I need to know how to sail?

A: NO.  We will teach you what you need to know. The Sea Scout advancement program emphasizes skills, service, and leadership.  As part of this, Marlinspike Seamanship-- the core skills needed to sail and navigate a boat on the high seas-- is a central part of the program. 

Q: Can I be both a Boy Scout and a Sea Scout? 
A: Absolutely. Sea Scouting is part of the BSA Venturing program.  It's also one of the oldest programs within the BSA movement.

Q: Do I need to buy any special equipment?
A: NO.  Some members may wish to purchase their own personal floatation devices (i.e. life-jackets) based upon personal preferences. Deck shoes or shoes with non-marking soles must be worn on board our boats. 

Q: Can my Scout Troop borrow one of your boats?  
A: Depends.  We are currently developing a procedure for this. In general, anyone wishing to take out a boat must satisfy both BSA and State of Texas guidelines for boating.

Q: Do I need any special training? 
A:  Yes and no.  BSA requires all adults take the YPT course specifically designed for Venture/Sea Scouts.  We also require that any adult wishing to lead a boating activity take and pass the Texas Boater Education Course. State law requires that any water craft or PWD operating in state waters have at least one person on board with this training.  We highly encourage everyone (youth and adult) participating in our program to take this course.  It takes 3 hrs, it's all on-line, and a certificate indicating that you have passed this course costs $20.  

We also require adult leaders to be current in their CPR and Adult AED training. 

Q: How long as Sea Scouting been around?
A: Sea Scouts have been around for 100 years.   In fact, Baden-Powel's brother founded Sea Scouts in the UK as a parallel program for Scouts interested in sailing and boating.  

Q: What are the ranks in Sea Scouting?
A: Rank advancement is a central part of the Scouting program and Sea Scouts are no different.  Young men and young women can earn advancement by demonstrating skills, service, and leadership. The Sea Scout rank system consists of Apprentice, Ordinary, Able and Quartermaster. The first rank of Apprentice shows basic marlinspike seamanship skills, safety and basic ideals. To earn Ordinary, the Sea Scout must know, the Ideals of Sea Scouting, be an active member for six months, learn specials skills relating to boats, marlinspike seamanship, piloting, communicating, swimming, safety, and cooking. In addition three of seven electives need to be completed such as, close order drill, signaling in semaphore, boxing a compass, yacht racing, sailing, ornamental ropework, and engine maintenance. For the Able rank, the Sea Scout must be able to explain and demonstrate a complete knowledge seamanship skills, earn the Lifesaving merit badge, complete a long cruise, and must and be a petty officer in his or her ship. 

Quartermaster is the highest rank attainable by a Sea Scout and is equivalent to Eagle Scout.  The Sea Scout must attend at least three quarters of all Ship meetings and special activities  over eighteen months, demonstrate marlinspike seamanship and leadership skills, demonstrate the ability to teach Sea Scouting skills, complete a Quartermaster Leadership Service Project (community service project) and pass a council level board of review. The Quartermaster emblem is a medal consisting of the Sea Scout emblem on a ship's wheel that is suspended from a solid dark blue ribbon that is in turn suspended from a bar bearing the design of a double carrick bend knot. 

In 2011, 40 Sea Scouts attained the rank of Quartermaster, compared with over 51000 Eagle Scouts

Sea Scouts who earn this rank are entitled to wear a uniform similar to that of a United States Navy Chief Petty Officer (CPO), and can earn advanced rates upon enlistment into the U.S. Navy or United States Coast Guard.

The Scuttlebutt

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